How to Use Eye-Fi with Evernote - dummies

How to Use Eye-Fi with Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

A company called Eye-Fi makes it possible to hook up your camera with Evernote, even without hooking up the camera to your computer. To use Eye-Fi, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions that come with the Eye-Fi card to set up an Eye-Fi account.

  2. Insert the Eye-Fi card into your camera.

  3. Power on your camera.

  4. Add the wireless networks the Eye-Fi card will use to upload your media.

    You can add up to 32 networks, even if they’re not in range, but you need IDs and passwords to add them.

  5. Choose your destinations, and customize which computer and folders are used to store media.

    If your Eye-Fi card supports online sharing, you also need to customize where on the web your photos are to be wirelessly transferred. Link the Eye-Fi card to your Evernote account as a destination (probably as the preferred destination).

  6. Take pictures.

    Eye-Fi and Evernote do everything else.

After you’re done taking hundreds of pictures of baby’s first step or a collection of business cards or receipts, go into your Evernote account, and start determining which photos are keepers and which ones you don’t need. The notes created retain the filename assigned by the camera as the note title. As with any other note, you can retitle the note, add descriptive information, and add tags at will.

Be mindful of monthly upload limits — 60MB for free accounts and 1GB for Premium. Digital photos, especially from higher-resolution cameras, can chew up bandwidth. In months when you’re on vacation and may be taking lots of high-resolution pictures, you may want to increase your upload allowance, 1GB at a time, with a limit of 5 increases in one month and up to 25GB in a single year.

You can easily check your usage in the web version of Evernote by choosing Settings→Usage. Click Increase Upload Allowance to add more bandwidth.