How to Tag on Evernote for Computers and Tablets - dummies

How to Tag on Evernote for Computers and Tablets

By David E. Y. Sarna

The whole point of saving useful information is to be able to find it later. Tagging in Evernote is fundamentally similar for all platforms and is extremely useful as you dash about trying to enter notes on whatever device you’re using at the time.

To create a tag for a note on a computer or tablet, follow these steps:

1Highlight the note you want to tag.

If necessary, create a new tag.

The tag button in Evernote for computers.

2Click or tap the Tag icon or the Click to Add Tag link.

A small box opens.

3Enter your tag name.

Your tag name can be a new tag or an existing tag. If you create a new tag, Evernote includes it in its collection of possible tags to use in the future.

Dialog box in evernote shows all the tags you've used.

4Click or tap anywhere outside the area (or press Enter or Return on a computer), and save the note.

As you create more and more tags, you may lose track of tags you’ve already created. When you click or tap Tags in the side panel, you see all the tags you have and how many notes are associated with each one.