How to Tag Multiple Notes in Evernote for Windows - dummies

How to Tag Multiple Notes in Evernote for Windows

By David E. Y. Sarna

After you have completed a search in Evernote, you may want to work with multiple notes. Working with multiple notes is extremely useful if you have notes spread over several notebooks that you need to merge into a new notebook or want to print for a meeting, export, or combine into a single note.

Follow these steps to tag multiple notes in Windows:

  1. Open Evernote.

  2. Highlight the notes that you want to work with (holding the Shift key down to select multiple notes) and right-click the highlighted notes.

    To highlight notes out of sequence, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the notes you want to highlight.

    The selected notes are grouped and shown in a “pile” as shown in the figure.


    Underneath the pile of notes you have several options in a dialog box, as shown in the previous figure.

    • Email: Sends the notes to an e-mail account. When you click the Email button, you get something that looks like the following figure, with the subject being the title of the first highlighted note. You can change the Subject line. Don’t forget to add the e-mail address, and feel free to add a message to your notes. Check the box titled CC Me on This Email if you want.


    • Merge: Merges your notes.

    • Save Attachments: If the notes you selected have attachments, then clicking this button lets you save those attachments to a location on your computer.

    • Move to Notebook: Gives you options on where to move the files.

    • Click to Add Tag: Tags several notes at a time. This feature is the coolest of all. Tags already created are shown. Click the Click to Add Tag link at the bottom of the notes option box to globally add additional tags to selected notes.