How to Sort Lists of Notes in Evernote - dummies

How to Sort Lists of Notes in Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

Evernote provides several criteria by which you’re able to sort a list of notes. The group of notes in question doesn’t make a difference, whether you’re viewing the contents of a notebook or the results of a search. Any group of notes is sorted the same way.

Sort in Evernote on a computer

To sort a group of notes in Evernote for Windows, make sure you’re viewing either all of your notes or a specific notebook and then choose the Sort Menu→Sort Notes by→your selected Sort option (see the figure). The default setting sorts notes by the date they were created. Several other sorting options are available, including title, size, and author.


Sorting notes in Evernote for Mac works similarly to sorting in Windows. Choosing the Sort Menu→Sort Notes by→your selected Sort option shows the list of potential sort criteria that you can select.

Sort in Evernote on an iOS device

When you view a collection of notes on an iPhone, you can tap the Options button to access the various sorting options available (see the figure). Your options are pretty much what you’d expect from a sorting method, such as title, date, and size.


When you’re working on an iPad or iPod touch, tapping Options also shows you a list of sorting options. You can sort by note-creation date or the last time notes were updated, for example.

Sort in Evernote on an Android device

On an Android device, you can tap anywhere on the Notes bar or tap the small down-pointing arrow to the right of the list of notebooks to see the available view options:

  • Tap Date Updated to sort by the last date the note was updated.

  • Tap Title to sort notes by title.

  • Tap Other to see the full menu of sorting choices (see the figure).