How to Save Searches in Evernote for Windows - dummies

How to Save Searches in Evernote for Windows

By David E. Y. Sarna

At first, the simple and advanced searches in Evernote are enough to cover what you need for your notes. After you’ve used Evernote for a while, however, you’ll have so many notes that you’ll find yourself periodically running the same searches repeatedly.

Well, you probably don’t want to have to remember exactly what you typed two months ago. If you soon realize that you’re using the same searches, saving them can really speed your ability to find notes quickly, particularly if you’re running advanced searches often.

Recent searches are saved automatically and are displayed when you click the search box.

To save your searches in Windows, follow these steps:

1Click the search box, and choose Save Search from the drop-down menu.

The Create Saved Search dialog box opens.

The Create Saved Search dialog box in Evernote.

2Enter the name you want to give the search.

Name it something descriptive that you will recognize for future searches.

A list of saved searches in Evernote.

3Click OK.

Your search is saved. From now on, anytime you click the search box, you see it in the list of saved searches. You can have a maximum of 100 saved searches.

4(Optional) Delete unwanted saved searches.

If you want to keep your saved searches list neat and organized, simply right-click and select Delete or hover your mouse over the saved search and click the Edit button to the right.