How to Customize Your Evernote Toolbar in Windows - dummies

How to Customize Your Evernote Toolbar in Windows

By David E. Y. Sarna

As you play around with the installed version of Evernote in Windows, you may wonder whether there’s any way to make the icons on the top bar specific to your needs. There is, of course! The process is simple and takes only a matter of moments.

To customize the Evernote toolbar in Windows, follow these steps:

1Choose Tools→Customize Toolbar.

The menu gives you icon options to customize your toolbar as shown in this figure.

2Drag the icons that you want on your toolbar into the Evernote toolbar area at the top of the screen.

If you change your mind and want to remove icons, simply drag them back into the menu with the toolbar customization icons.

Place all of your often-used icons on the left end of the toolbar. Otherwise, as you add more and more icons and run out of space, a down arrow appears on the right end of the toolbar, and you have to click that arrow every time you want to access those icons.

3Click Done.

Your customized toolbar is set.

You can also rearrange your existing buttons and add separators between them.

If you find that your toolbar customizations don’t stay as you set them, after resetting them, exit Evernote (either File→Sign Out or File→Exit), and then sign back in with your password.