How to Create Notes from Images in Evernote - dummies

How to Create Notes from Images in Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

Saving images in Evernote is similar to saving notes with audio files attached; you can save multiple images in a single note. You can work with images on a website, which you can clip into a note, or you can work with individual image files.

The best way to add an image file is to drag and drop it into a note, but this method has limitations. You can save as many files as you want to a note, but each note has a size limit based on your account type, so make sure that you’re aware of that limit when you start to add images.

Here’s how you get your cool images saved to Evernote on a Mac or in Windows:

  1. Click New Note to create a new note.

  2. In the Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer, go to the location where you store your images, and drag one or more images to your Evernote account in your web browser.

    The default location on a Mac is the Pictures folder inside your user folder. The default location on a PC is the My Pictures folder on your C drive.

    When you complete this step, your image is in Evernote.