How to Capture References in Evernote on Mobile Devices - dummies

How to Capture References in Evernote on Mobile Devices

By David E. Y. Sarna

If you have Evernote and the free app ReferenceME, you can easily manage and organize the references and sources from your research projects. Whether for school or work, you can capture references on your mobile device and then present them in the proper format.

After you create a ReferenceME account and project, you’re ready to enter references:

  1. Tap the project name.

  2. Tap Add Reference.

  3. If the source material has a bar code, hold your smartphone over the bar code.

  4. Tap Enter Website / ISBN / ISSN.

    Alternatively, you can enter information manually by tapping Create Reference Manually.


  5. Enter the page number or tap Skip.

    Pretty easy so far!


  6. View the reference that’s created and be awed.

    A glorious example:


  7. Tap Export.

    The format used is the format last used. (The default format is Harvard.)

  8. Tap Send by Mail to e-mail the reference, or tap Save to Evernote to create a note with the citations.

    The bibliography and citations are exported to Evernote and created as a note (or if you previously created a note, that note will be updated).

    You can edit the citations like any other notes. Changes you make to citations in Evernote are imported to ReferenceME the next time you use it.