How to Blog with Evernote - dummies

By David E. Y. Sarna

If you’re one of the many people who has a blog, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could coordinate your blogs with Evernote to save duplicating your work? Evernote has already thought of bloggers and gives you just that option. Those of you who have multiple blogs can now use Evernote as a centralized work location to draft your blog posts and coordinate your various blogging endeavors.

You can set up and track your blogs any way you like, of course, but here are some very cool things you can do to make your blogging life easier:

  • Create new notes as you come up with new ideas. If you have multiple blogs, it may be easiest to have a template tag as well as tags for each of your blogging sites. You can always set up different notebooks for each blog source, but working with multiple notebooks may become a bit confusing as you try to remember what you said on which blog.

    Tags are slightly easier to track because you can deal with all the blogs within a single folder instead of having to search in the All Notes section because you accidentally filed it in the incorrect folder.

  • Save research to a Blogging folder. This folder doesn’t have to be just for writing. For most bloggers, a good bit of research goes into blogging. Even if you don’t do research because you blog about yourself, you probably have pictures and websites that you regularly include in your blogs.

  • Create a new note from the template when you’re ready to start preparing a blog. You’ve saved your ideas. You’ve modified your template as you realize what you need. That should be everything you need to start populating your blog.

You’ll soon find that blogging takes far less time than it did in the past because you’ve used Evernote to get organized.

A service called allows you to tag notes created in Evernote on any platform and then publish them on your blog. blogs support all the content that Evernote supports, including audio, video, text, and photo posts.