Helpful Mac Shortcuts for Using Evernote - dummies

Helpful Mac Shortcuts for Using Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

Part of Evernote For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following are the basic Evernote shortcut keys to speed up your organization. (The usual Mac shortcuts, such as Command + C to copy or Command + V to paste, also work in Evernote.)

To Do This . . . Do This . . .
Create a new note Command+N
Create a new notebook Command+Shift+T
Create a new tag Command+Control+T
Look at the attachments to a note Command+Y
Merge highlighted notes Command+Shift+M
Run a find on the open note Command+F
Clear the previous search Command+R
Begin a new search Command+Option+S
Create a new search that can be saved Command+Option+S
Display the fonts Command+T
Enlarge font Command++
Shrink font Command+-
Display the colors Command+Shift+C
Remove all of the formatting from a note Command+Shift+F
Add a checkbox to the note on the line with the cursor Command+Shift+T
Open the encryption menu for highlighted text Command+Shift+X
Set List view:
Run spell check on your open note Command+J
Show the spelling and grammar errors Command+:
Move Evernote to the Mac toolbar Command+M
Close Evernote Command+Q