Evernote: Exporting from a Mac - dummies

By David E. Y. Sarna

You can export a single note, a notebook, or all your notes from Evernote. The process is almost the same as in Windows except for what you select when you export.

  1. Highlight the note or notes you want to export.

    If you want to export a notebook, highlight the desired notebook. You can also click Notes and right-click to get a contextual menu.

  2. To export a note, choose File→Export Note; to export a notebook, choose File→Export All Notes.

    This step archives all your notes from that particular notebook or all your notes. You can also right-click and choose the applicable option from the contextual menu that appears.

  3. Enter a name you can remember, select a save location, and change the format if desired.

    The figure shows the Mac version of the dialog box for exporting notes. The default filename is My Notes, so if you’ve exported before, enter a distinctive name so that you don’t overwrite your older archives.


    You also need to specify the file type for the export:

    • Evernote XML Format archives your information in a single file without links (.enex).

    • .html archives your information as a web page.

  4. Click Save when you’re satisfied with the name, location, and file type.

    Evernote does the rest and lets you know when the task is complete.