Delivering RSS feeds to Evernote - dummies

Delivering RSS feeds to Evernote

By David E. Y. Sarna

At this writing, the easiest, most efficient, guaranteed way to get RSS feeds into Evernote is to e-mail them. If you need to save only the web address and page, that task is relatively simple to accomplish. Here’s a free way to do it:

  1. Highlight the URL, and copy it to the clipboard.

  2. Navigate to

  3. Paste the copied RSS URL into the Feed URL field.

  4. Paste your Evernote e-mail address into the Your Email Address field.

    Remember to use your Evernote e-mail address.

  5. Click Feed My Inbox.

    All notes are delivered to your default notebook.

Notes created from feeds (whether or not you use FeedMyInbox) go against your monthly upload allowance (1GB per month for Premium subscribers and 60MB per month for free accounts). Also, you’re limited to 250 e-mails per day in an Evernote Premium account and 50 e-mails per day in a free account. Therefore, you should use the RSS once-a-day feed option, if it’s available.

You can also use a site such as DailyFeed to generate a daily feed from any website. Feeds appear as new notes in your default notebook. Habilis is a simple way to save a page so that you can come back to it and catch up on the latest news.