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Conduct a Simple Search of Your Evernote Notes

By David E. Y. Sarna

You can search your Evernote notes in many ways, some of which are more effective than others. You can start by doing a simple search by keyword, title, or tag.

A simple search is exactly what it sounds like — pretty simple. Regardless of your device, you can quickly type a keyword or phrase and run a search over all your notes or notes in a specific notebook.

Keep these tips in mind when conducting a simple search:

  • If you want to review the notes that include your simple search by tag, check out the Tags pane on the left side of your screen. If you have a tag called Projects, all the notes that have that tag (and only the notes that have that tag) appear when you click that tag.

  • If you want to run a simple search on more than one topic, go to the search box, and type the word you’re searching for. To find notes with both the words Android and iPhone, for example, type Android iPhone. Evernote returns everything that has both words in it.

  • Don’t type extra words in your search. Words such as the, and, or, and a are highlighted and become part of the search requirement. So if you want to find a comparison between Android and iOS, go ahead and type A Comparison. Evernote returns only the messages that contain all these words.

When you’re done with a search, you need to clear it by deleting the text or clicking the X to the right of the search box. If you delete all text from the search box, you see all existing notes because you’ve cleared the contents of the search box.