Why Use the NaturallySpeaking DragonPad? - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

Before you start dictating, employing one of the myriad applications you can use with NaturallySpeaking, take a look at the DragonPad. To open it, go to the DragonBar and choose Tools→DragonPad.

DragonPad is a simple word processor into which you can dictate or type a document. You then can print the document, copy it to another program window, or save the document as a file that other programs can read.

NaturallySpeaking works with really robust word processors like Word and WordPerfect, so you may be wondering why you might want to use this simple NaturallySpeaking function.

Here are some of the reasons you may want or need to dictate into the NaturallySpeaking window:

  • You don’t have Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect (or your version of those programs doesn’t work with NaturallySpeaking).

  • You just need the basic word-processing functions and you’re in a hurry.

  • Your PC is tight on memory. The NaturallySpeaking window uses less memory than some other applications.

  • You see that the check mark on the DragonBar is gray which indicates that you need to open a Dictation Box.

  • Your alternative is to use some application in which NaturallySpeaking offers only basic dictation and not other features.