What to Say to Dragon NaturallySpeaking - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

If you are new to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Word, you want to know the quickest ways to find the right thing to say. Here are some things to do when you’re stumped:

  • Sidebar: You can always say, “What can I say?” and the Dragon Sidebar will pop up with commands that pertain to the application you are working in. If the application is not supported with specific commands, you’ll see global commands that work in most applications.

  • Open the Command Browser: Go to Tools→Command Browser and use the Keyword Filter to find the right command.

  • Say, “Give me help”: The Dragon Help window opens and you can say or type a keyword. (When you are done, just say, “Close Help.”)

  • Say what you see: Natural Language Commands don’t cover everything. You still need to use menus for some functions. You can either use your mouse or voice commands for menu choices. For example, say the menu item, like, “View,” and then choose from the pull-down menu that opens.

  • Mouse over with your cursor: If you aren’t sure what a particular item is called on the Word menu, mouse over it with the cursor and you’ll see the name of the choice. Then use that name when calling that menu or button.

If you are using the Office Ribbon versions of Word, get to the File Menu items by saying, “Office Button.” (It’s the circle with the Windows icon to the far left of the upper menu in Word 2007.) The Office button then displays such items as New, Open, Save, and so forth. Say, “File Tab,” to open it in Word 2010.