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Use Voice Commands for Playback in NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes it easy to play back your voice as you’re dictating. The simplest form of playing back your voice is to speak the command Play That (or Play That Back) after you dictate some text. The Play That command reads back the last thing you said. Play That Back is just another form of the same command.

A more practical use of the Play That command is to proofread larger blocks of text than just your most recent utterance. You can select the text you want to proofread and then say, “Play That.” You can use any means you like to select the text: your mouse, your keyboard, or a NaturallySpeaking voice command such as Select Document, Select Paragraph, or Select Line.

Instead of selecting text first and then giving the Play command, you can specify what chunks of text are to be played back, right in the command. Use any of the following commands; you can say either “Play” or “Play Back,” as you prefer:

  • Play Line

  • Play Paragraph

  • Play Document

  • Play Window

  • Play Screen

  • Play To Here

  • Play From Here

The Play To Here and Play From Here commands let you play everything up to the current typing cursor position (“here”) or from that position to the end.

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+S starts the playback from your typing cursor’s current position. (It’s the same as Play From Here.)

NaturallySpeaking stores about a half-hour’s worth of dictated text. (Pauses don’t count.) Anything you dictated before that point can’t be played back.