Use the Favorites Menu with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

Use the Favorites Menu with NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

By far, the easiest way to connect to a web page is to store its location on the Favorites menu. Using this menu is also the simplest, quickest way to keep track of websites and return to them by voice commands. Use voice commands to go to a website on the Favorites menu as follows.

  • If Internet Explorer is running in the active window, say, “Favorites,” then say the name of the favorite item you want from the menu. It doesn’t matter where on the menu the favorite is. If, for example, you have a favorite called CNN in a folder called News Sites on the Favorites menu, you just have to say, “Favorites,” then say, “CNN.” You don’t have to say the name of the News Sites folder.

  • Use the Favorites menu on the Internet Explorer menu bar, just as you use Start→Internet Explorer from the menu. If Internet Explorer is the active window, say, “Click Favorites, News Sites, CNN.”

When you are at a site or page that you want to bookmark in your Favorites menu, say “Add to favorites,” and it will be placed on that menu list.

When you create favorites, give them short names that are easy for you to pronounce and easy for NaturallySpeaking to recognize. If the names of the favorites you already have are too long or too difficult, you can change them. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Start menu, go to Internet Explorer.

    Don’t select the favorite itself, because you don’t want to open it right now. In the CNN example earlier in this section, you would say, “Click Start, Favorites, News Sites.” The menu expands so that you can see the CNN favorite, but it is not selected.

  2. Use the Move Up/Down commands to highlight the favorite.

    If CNN is the fifth entry in the News Sites folder, say, “Move Down Five.”

  3. Say, “Right Click, Rename.”

    A Rename dialog box appears.

  4. Dictate the new name.

  5. Say, “Click OK.”