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Train NaturallySpeaking to Your Voice by Reading Text

By Stephanie Diamond

If NaturallySpeaking seems to be making more mistakes than it used to, ask yourself if you have changed since you first trained Dragon. Has your voice, manner of speaking, or working environment changed?

For example, are you getting more experienced at dictation? Have you changed your office or changed something that makes or absorbs sound in your office?

If so, try running General Training. (Because you ran General Training when you set up NaturallySpeaking, access it now by going to the DragonBar menu and choosing Audio→Read Text to Improve Accuracy.) General Training helps NaturallySpeaking get a more accurate picture of your voice and speech habits.

The Text dialog box, and all the ones that follow, are the same ones you saw when you first performed General Training to set up NaturallySpeaking.

Running General Training after you’ve had some experience with NaturallySpeaking is a good idea. Often, you speak differently after a few days.

The plan in General Training is to read something to NaturallySpeaking so that it can figure out how you speak. This time around, you may find some additional reading material in the Select Text dialog box that is shorter to read than the selections that were available when you first set up NaturallySpeaking. You don’t need to read more than a few screens of text.

A fundamental problem with General Training is that many people read differently than they dictate. Try to speak the way you would if you were the author and were thinking this stuff up for the first time.

Don’t say, “Cap” or any other dictation commands during General Training. Don’t say any punctuation, either. Click the Back Up button if you really mess something up, and try again. Click the Pause button if you need to take a break.