Smart Formatting in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 - dummies

Smart Formatting in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13

In version 13 of NaturallySpeaking, there is a feature that you likely will come across during dictation. It’s called the Smart Format Rules box. This box pops up when you change the format of a word that already has a standard format setting.

For example, say you dictate the sentence “Continue knitting for 25 inches.” The word inches would display as “inches,” as shown.


If you want to change the format to something nonstandard, like “in.” By choosing “2,” the Smart Format Rules box pops up and asks if you want to make this new format the alternate written form. If you want to accept this change, say, “1.”


You may see this box pop up when you are using either the Correction menu or the Spelling Window. You are not required to select anything when the box comes up. It’s up to you whether a format should be changed. You can simply click the x in the window, say “Cancel,” or just keep dictating and the box will disappear.

If you want to disable this feature, you will find it under the DragonBar in Tools→Options. Just deselect the box where it says, Show Smart Format Rules.

As a rule of thumb, it’s helpful to understand that smart rules apply to such things as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates, or anything that has a format convention.