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Select the Right NaturallySpeaking Product

By Stephanie Diamond

NaturallySpeaking is not a single product; it’s a family of products. And like most families, some members are richer than others. Depending on the features you want, you can pay a hefty price for software. You get what you pay for.

In spite of their socioeconomic differences, this family gets along pretty well. The products are all based on the same underlying voice recognition system, so they create the same kinds of user files. This fact has two consequences for you as a user:

  • The products are all about equally accurate at transcribing your speech.

  • It’s easy to upgrade to a better version.

    You can start out with the inexpensive Home edition, test out whether you like this whole idea of dictation, and then move up to a full-featured version without having to go through training all over again.

Which edition is best for you depends on why you’re interested in NaturallySpeaking in the first place. Are you a poor typist who wants to be able to create documents more quickly? A good typist who is starting to worry about carpal tunnel syndrome?

Are you a person who can’t use a mouse or keyboard at all? A busy executive who wants to dictate into a recorder rather than sit in front of a monitor? Is price an important factor to you? Do you need NaturallySpeaking to recognize a large, specialized vocabulary? Do you want to create macros that enable you to dictate directly into your company’s special forms?

The more features you want, the more you should expect to pay.