Read E-Mail and Make Notes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking - dummies

Read E-Mail and Make Notes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

Nuance has made e-mail a priority in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Several voice commands help you get things done faster. You can use NaturallySpeaking to read your email to you and to make notes using Outlook Notes.

Getting your mail read to you with NaturallySpeaking

Your NaturallySpeaking assistant can read your e-mail to you. Isn’t that what you’d expect from a first-rate assistant? Use the text-to-speech feature to do this. Open the Extras toolbar from the DragonBar and click the Read That button. The text will be read back to you in the voice you have chosen from the options available to you.

If you want to modify the voice of your assistant, go to Tools→Options→Playback/Text-to-Speech and look at the Text-to-Speech attributes. Where you see Voice, use the pull-down list to see your options.

If for any reason your application doesn’t work that way, just copy the text of the message from the reading pane of your e-mail application into the NaturallySpeaking Dictation Box and say, “Read Document.” The NaturallySpeaking voice and diction won’t compete with James Earl Jones’s voice, but you will understand what it is saying.

Making notes with NaturallySpeaking

Outlook Notes is a great place to jot down important things you don’t want to forget. It works well with NaturallySpeaking because its main purpose is dictation, just like any word processor. If you want to dictate notes in Outlook, make sure that NaturallySpeaking is running and then do the following:

  1. Say, “Start Microsoft Outlook.”

    The Outlook application opens.

  2. Say, “Open notes.”

  3. Say, “New note.”

    A note opens for you to dictate into.

  4. Dictate your note.

    After you dictate the note, proofread it for mistakes and make corrections as you would with any other type of dictation.

  5. Say, “Save the note.”

  6. Say, “Close the note.”

    If you want to view your note, say, “Click Notes List” to select the radio button and view your missive.