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Overview of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Process

By Stephanie Diamond

By now, you have chosen the version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking that is best for you, you have concluded that your hardware configuration is appropriate, and you are sitting in front of your computer ready to get started. It’s exciting to anticipate using a tool that can make you more productive every day!

But, before you can start saving all that time, you need to install the program, create a User Profile, and train the software. Installing NaturallySpeaking is easy. In most cases, you just put the DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and follow the directions on the screen.

Setting up your profile is really quick, too. You will be asked several questions about whether you have an accent or what age range you are in, but the good news is that they’re all questions you know the answers to.

The training process is also quick and straightforward. You have to read aloud some text and a choice of some well-known material and you’re done. After that, the program will work on its own to improve accuracy and you can help it along.

In the late 1990s, training NaturallySpeaking was a long, boring process. But fear not! Those days are over. You will soon be ready to start dictating your project plan for that next great startup!