Install the Dragon LifeStyle Speech Pack - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

You may find the installation of the LifeStyle Speech Pack a bit complex. The trick is to know where to put the activation code at the right time. To install the Speech Pack, open the file with your activation code and then do the following:

1Download the files at VoxEnable to your desktop or wherever you like to put installation files.

Make sure that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is already installed on your computer before you install the LifeStyle Speech Pack.

The Setup Wizard for VoxEnable.

2Double-click the icon you just downloaded.

The application starts and you see the screen shown.

3Click Next.

You’ll be asked whether you want to create shortcuts.

4Click the boxes of the shortcuts you want and click Next.

You’ll be asked to accept the terms of the Licensing Agreement.

The install screen in a Setup Wizard.

5Click the Accept box and click Next.

You’ll see the Install screen.

6Click Install.

The program installs.

Pop-up screen that says Dragon NaturallySpeaking is being initialized.

7When you see the Install Complete screen, click Finish.

A screen pops up and says that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is being initialized.

Here comes the tricky part.

Menu that appears when you right-click on the VoxEnable icon.

8Right-click on the VoxEnable icon that is now in your system tray.

You see the choices shown.

The Supported Applications window in VoxEnable.

9Click Supported Applications.

You see the screen shown. Choose General in that list.

Prompt box that appears when you activate a product on VoxEnable.

10Click the Activate button next to Lifestyle Pack V.1.0.

When you click the button, a prompt box opens.

11Type in your activation code and click OK.

You see a screen that says you have successfully activated the program.

12Click OK.

You did it. Now get on to the serious business of playing songs!