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How to Use the Spell That Feature of NaturallySpeaking

One way to correct a simple mistake in NaturallySpeaking is to select the mistaken word and spell the correct one. You can do this from the Correction menu by saying “Spell That” if you don’t see the choice you want.

Suppose you dictated “New York” and NaturallySpeaking interpreted it as “Newark.” You could correct it as follows:

  1. Find the mistaken word, “Newark,” in the active window.

  2. Say, “Select Newark.”

    If NaturallySpeaking hears you correctly this time, the mistaken word is selected. If “Newark” occurs several times in the active window, you may need to say, “Choose ‘n’” to select the occurrence that you want to correct.

  3. Say, “Spell That” and the Spelling Window opens.

    Say, “Cap N-e-w space bar cap Y-o-r-k.” Or you can use the International Communications Alphabet by saying, “Spell That cap November Echo Whiskey space bar cap Yankee Oscar Romeo Kilo.”

    The Spelling Window now has the correctly spelled “New York” selected. You will also see the choices to say “Play That Back,”“Train,” and “Tell Me More about This Window” (for help). These are described in the next section.

  4. Say “Click OK” or “Press Enter.” Or you can click the OK button or press the Enter key.

    NaturallySpeaking replaces the incorrect “Newark” in the text with the correct “New York.” Also, NaturallySpeaking makes an invisible little note to remind itself not to be so quick to hear “Newark” instead of “New York.” (See the later sidebar “Bravo! Charlie Tangos with Juliet in November,” for more about the International Communications Alphabet, or ICA.)

But what if you didn’t see the choice you wanted? You could choose the Spell That option from the Correction menu and bring up the Spelling Window.


Follow these steps:

  1. Choose “Spell That” from within the Correction menu.

    The Spelling Window appears with several choices. One of the choices is in the typing window.

  2. Click in the typing window if you want to type your correction, or start spelling it if you want to use a verbal command.

  3. Say “Click OK” or “Press Enter.” Or you can click the OK button or press the Enter key.

If you use a lot of proper nouns (names of people, places, and things), learning the ICA might be worthwhile. You can use the ICA to spell a word even during dictation, not just in the Correction menu box.

The correction process is supposed to prevent the same errors from happening in the future, but sometimes NaturallySpeaking makes a particular error a couple of times. In these cases, you need something stronger than just correction; you need to train NaturallySpeaking (otherwise known as boot camp for assistants).

Begin by identifying the error and typing or dictating the correct version into the Correction menu box. Then say, “Spell That” and the Spelling Window opens. Instead of clicking the OK button in the Spelling Window, click Train. This opens the Train Words dialog box, where you record the correct word.