How to Use Outlook Notes with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Use Outlook Notes with NaturallySpeaking

Outlook Notes is a great place to jot down important things you don’t want to forget. It works well with NaturallySpeaking because its main purpose is dictation, just like any word processor. If you want to dictate notes in Outlook, make sure that NaturallySpeaking is running and then do the following:

  1. Say, “Start Microsoft Outlook.”

    The Outlook application opens.

  2. Say, “Open Notes.”

  3. Say, “New Note.”

    A note opens for you to dictate into.

  4. Dictate your note.

    After you dictate the note, proofread it for mistakes and make corrections as you would with any other type of dictation.

  5. Say, “Save The Note.”

  6. Say, “Close The Note.”

    If you want to view your note, say, “Click Notes List” to select the radio button and view your missive.

Easy, huh? If you like to create sticky-note reminders, this is much quicker (and neater and environmentally friendly and cheaper!). Instead of sticking notes on your screen, use this.