How to Use NaturallySpeaking with Yahoo! Messenger - dummies

How to Use NaturallySpeaking with Yahoo! Messenger

By Stephanie Diamond

VoxEnable added instant messenger applications to its LifeStyle Pack, so now you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Yahoo! Messenger and other instant messaging applications to communicate quickly and easily with friends and colleagues. Use voice commands to navigate these chat programs hands-free from start to finish.

Basically, we all want two things out of a chat application: We want to get our messages out quickly, so that the conversation doesn’t sound stiff and unnatural, and we want to get the messages out right, so that we avoid creating confusion.

NaturallySpeaking is a great help in getting a message out quickly, especially if you don’t type fast. But always proofread first to avoid sending out the wrong message. NaturallySpeaking mistakes are correct English words that aren’t obvious typos. If you’re trying to tell somebody to “send an e-mail,” you don’t want it to come out “sand an e-mail” instead.

Yahoo! Messenger works hard to compete with other popular messenger programs. Its latest version, 11.0, has video chat, an “always on” feature that lets you move your chat from your PC to your mobile device and provides multiple-player game access. Visit the Yahoo! Messenger download page to download the latest version.

The key to using voice commands with Yahoo! Messenger is to remember that you can dictate into any open text window. If you remember that, you can move around and dictate easily.

Voice Commands for Yahoo! Messenger Using the LifeStyle Speech Pack
From This Yahoo! Messenger Menu Choice: Use These Voice Commands:
Messenger “Status available,” “Preferences,” Privacy
Contacts “Add contact,” “Address book contact,”
“Contact details”
Actions “Instant message,” “Send,” “Video
call,” “Share photos”
Help “Messenger help,” “Set up,” “Toggle