How to Use NaturallySpeaking with Windows Live Messenger - dummies

How to Use NaturallySpeaking with Windows Live Messenger

By Stephanie Diamond

With the Dragon NaturallySpeaking LifeStyle Pack, you can now use Windows Live Messenger as a Full Text Control application. Do you already have a Windows Live ID from signing up for a variety of Microsoft online programs such as Hotmail, Office, Photos, or MSN? If so, you have a quick path to set up Windows Live Messenger.

You just need to download and log in. Then you add contacts as you would with any other instant messenger client. Download Windows Live Messenger from the Microsoft website.

The Messenger chat screen is simple: your contacts are on the left side, and the chat window is to the right.

When the cursor is in the input window, dictate what you want to say. Because Microsoft Windows Live Messenger is a Full Text Control application, you can use any of the normal selection and correction features. In particular, you can correct text by saying it. For example, if NaturallySpeaking misinterpreted “Go back” as “Go bad,” you can say, “Correct bad.”

Voice Commands for Windows Live Messenger Using the LifeStyle
Speech Pack
In the Conversation Window from This Menu Choice: Use These Voice Commands:
File “Open received files,” “Save conversation,”
“View message history”
Edits “Undo,” “Cut,” “Copy,”
“Select all”
Actions “Send e-mail,” “Start video call,”
“Invite another contact”
Tools “Toggle emoticons,” “Audio setup,”
“Change display picture”
Help “Help me,” “Billing support,” “About