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How to Use Full Text Control Applications with NaturallySpeaking

In some applications, NaturallySpeaking gives you the capability to select, correct, or move the cursor to text in a document by saying the text. This capability is called Full Text Control, and the applications in which you have this capability are called Full Text Control applications.

Following are some applications that have the Full Text Control capability:

  • Notepad

  • WordPad

  • Microsoft Word

  • Outlook: When you use Word to edit Outlook’s e-mail messages, the Word windows also use Full Text Control.

  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome: Internet Explorer’s Full Text Control capability applies only to web pages that expect your input, such as online forms or web e-mail interfaces.

The cut-and-paste commands like “Cut That” or “Copy That” work in some, but not all, Full Text Control applications. In the applications where they don’t work, you can easily accomplish the same purpose with menu commands. For example, use “Click Edit, Cut” instead of “Cut That.”

The formatting commands all work in WordPad, but not in some of the other Full Text Control applications. (You wouldn’t expect them to work in Notepad, for example, because Notepad doesn’t allow formatting in any case.)

Dictation only works if NaturallySpeaking is running. You can minimize the NaturallySpeaking window while you dictate into another window, but if you close NaturallySpeaking, you won’t be able to dictate.