How To Use Dragon's Accuracy Center - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

Training and improving NaturallySpeaking is the key to an almost flawless experience over time. Take the time to work with the software and train it to understand your special way of communicating.

If your NaturallySpeaking assistant doesn’t appear to be quite as sharp as you’d like it to be, you can teach it to do better. Dragon gives you a central place from which to improve its skills. If you start there, you will find all the tools you need at your fingertips.

You can also find training options in other DragonBar menus, but if you are new to the software, the Accuracy Center is the best place to start.

Go to the Accuracy Center from DragonBar. Go To Help→Improve My Accuracy, or say, “Open Accuracy Center” from the Help Menu. You’ll see the following sections, as shown.


  • Personalize your vocabulary: In this section, you use the Vocabulary Editor to build your personal library of words and let your assistant build your special vocabulary by “reading” your documents and e-mails.

  • Set options and formatting: Here you see how to set the Options menu to personalize your settings.

  • Adjust your acoustics: In this section, you launch your Accuracy Tuning and check your microphone.

  • Find or train commands: This section shows you what commands are available to you in a variety of different contexts.

  • Get more information: Here you find information directly from the NaturallySpeaking Help Menu pertaining to vocabularies.

Lots of choices! Nobody said that training software was effortless.