How to Train Dragon to Recognize Your Voice, Vocabulary, and Writing Style - dummies

How to Train Dragon to Recognize Your Voice, Vocabulary, and Writing Style

By Stephanie Diamond

After NaturallySpeaking has tested and adjusted your speakers and microphone, it’s ready to listen to you speak. This training will take all of 4 minutes. Follow these steps:

1To start training, begin at the training screen.

You are presented with three training options.

Show Text with Prompting: Unless you have done this many times before and know what to choose, select Show Text with Prompting.

Show Text without Prompting: Choose this option if you have a speech challenge that must be noted by Dragon.

Skip Training: Choose this option if you have no time to train at this time. But you must come back to it later.

2Choose Show Text with Prompting and click Next.

At the Read Training Text screen, click Go and read aloud the sentences as prompted by the arrow. You will read several prompts and then move to general reading. The prompts are “Welcome to general training” and “Training is about to begin.”

3You are asked to select some text to read.

You can choose the text that you find most interesting. But, because you aren’t making a major time commitment, you should choose What to Expect from Speech Recognition. This gives you a head start on training.

4Click OK.

Read the text. When you hear a beep and see a screen that says Congratulations, You Have Finished Training, yell “YES!” and click the OK button.

Actually, yelling “YES” is optional but quite enjoyable.

Dragon takes a few minutes to adapt your user profile, so expect a pause here.