How to Link Web Pages in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Link Web Pages in NaturallySpeaking

One useful feature in NaturallySpeaking you can use while browsing is the capability to click a link on a web page by saying all or part of its text label. For example, suppose that you are viewing the web page shown, the Newsroom page of the Nuance website, and you want to click the link labeled 5 Must Have Apps for your Android.


All you have to do is say, “Must Have Apps.” IE searches the links visible in the Internet Explorer window to see if any of them contain that text. Because one and only one such link appears on the page shown, the linked page is chosen.

Pick whatever part of the link’s text label is easiest to say. For example, if you want to link to a news story “1331 injured in Ulan Bator earthquake,” say, “Injured” or “Earthquake.” Either should be sufficient to tell NaturallySpeaking which link you want.

If the link is an image, say, “Image.” NaturallySpeaking selects all the images visible in your viewing window and numbers them. Then simply choose the number of the image you want by saying, “Choose <image number>.” If you know the text label of the image (it is displayed while the image loads), select it by name, just as you would any text link.

When you’re clicking links that have the same words in them (for example, “Learn more”) you will find that Dragon places a green number to show you its selections. Choose the number that corresponds to the one you want. It works the same way as your Correction menu does by giving you numbered choices.