How to Keep Track of Appointments with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Keep Track of Appointments with NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can schedule appointments through Outlook’s Calendar window. Bring up the Calendar window by saying, “Create a new appointment.” Opening the Calendar window adds the Calendar menu to the menu bar. Use this menu for all of your calendar-related activities.


To create a new appointment in Outlook, do the following:

  1. Make sure NaturallySpeaking is running and say, “Create a new appointment.”

    The Outlook Appointment Form opens and the cursor is positioned in the Subject field.

  2. Dictate your subject.

  3. Say, “Move to location” to go to the location field and dictate your location.

  4. Say, “Start time” and dictate the date.

  5. Move to time fields by saying, “Press tab” and add the times.

  6. Say, “Move to body field” and dictate details.

    Complete your message.

  7. Say, “Save and close.”

  8. To check if the appointment is there, say, “Switch to the calendar folder” to view it.

Six additional common commands you can use with Outlook appointments are as follows:

  • Show date

  • View month

  • Invite attendees

  • Cancel invitation

  • Create a meeting about

  • Create an appointment at

Outlook Tasks are visible in the Calendar window, but they are most easily added and deleted using the Task window. To open the Task window, say, “Open, Tasks.” Opening the Task window adds the Task menu to the menu bar. To add a new task, say, “New Task.”

Whether you add an appointment or a task, a dialog box with a number of fields to be filled in confronts you. When the cursor is in a textbox, you can dictate just as you would dictate into a word processor. Don’t be afraid to use those Full Text Control capabilities to edit or correct your entries.

Move from one field of a dialog box to the next by saying, “Press tab,” or jump to any field you want by using the field’s name. For example, in order to select the All Day Event check box in the New Appointment dialog box, say, “Press All Day Event.”