How To Insert in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

Natural Language Commands can be used for anything on the Insert menu. You can use the Natural Language Insert <something> command for page and section breaks, by just saying, “Insert page break.” You can also use the command for other whitespace features like lines, tables, and columns. (Whitespace refers to stuff that doesn’t actually put ink on paper.)

Say the word “Insert,” and then immediately say one of the terms in the following list of whitespace <somethings>:

  • Space

  • Line or Blank Line (both mean the same thing)

  • Paragraph

  • Section Break or Section (both mean the same thing)

  • Row (referring to rows in a table)

  • Column (meaning columnar formatting, or columns within a table)

  • Page Break or Page (both mean the same thing)

  • Table

To insert just one of any in this list, use the singular form, as in Insert Line. To insert several, use the plural form and tell NaturallySpeaking how many you want. For instance, say, “Insert ten lines.”

NaturallySpeaking makes a paragraph with two presses of the Enter key; a line is one press. In Word, that makes two paragraphs! If you want a single Word paragraph, use Line instead of Paragraph.

The verb Insert can also be used for formatting borders, numbers, and bullets.