How to Dictate to Your Browser's Address Box - dummies

How to Dictate to Your Browser’s Address Box

The Address box is the textbox at the bottom of the browser’s toolbar, the one that shows the web address of the current page. In NaturallySpeaking, say, “Go To Address” to move the cursor into the Address box. Then dictate the address you want and say, “Go There.”

You can start a web search by dictating, “Question mark <search terms>” into the Address box and then saying, “Go There.” For example, if you are looking for articles about McDonald’s franchises in Antarctica, say, “Question mark, McDonald’s, comma, Antarctica.” When “?McDonald’s, Antarctica” appears in the Address box, say, “Go There.”

Use the Vocabulary Editor to introduce the word “http://www” into the NaturallySpeaking vocabulary, and define its spoken form to be “Dubdubdub.” (Or, create a second alias, “Triple-Dub.”) So when you want NaturallySpeaking to type “,” you can say, “Dubdubdub dot yahoo dot com.”

The most recent 25 web addresses that were typed or dictated into your Address box are kept on a list that drops down from the Address box. To make it drop down, get the cursor into the Address box, and then say, “Press Alt Down Arrow.” Naturally, “Press Alt Up Arrow” makes the list retract again.

Move up or down the list with the “Move Up/Down” commands, like “Move Down Three.” After you select an address from the list, say, “Press Enter” to tell your browser to go there.