How to Dictate E-Mail Messages with Dragon NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Dictate E-Mail Messages with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

When dictating email messages with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can use some Natural Language Commands with Outlook just like when you dictate text into a word processor. In Outlook, a message composition window consists of a number of textboxes: several one-line boxes corresponding to the various parts of a message header, and one large textbox for the body of the message.

Move the cursor from one textbox to another by using the Tab key or saying, “Press Tab.” Move in the opposite direction with Shift+Tab. You can also use the name of the field you want to access. To send your first e-mail, launch NaturallySpeaking and do the following:

  1. Say, “Send e-mail to George Foster.”

    Outlook (if it’s your default e-mail program) opens a new e-mail form and inserts the e-mail address for George Foster (provided you already created e-mail addresses).

  2. 2.Say, “Subject.”

    The cursor moves to the Subject field.

  3. Dictate your e-mail subject.

  4. Say, “Body Field.”

    The cursor is now in the body of the e-mail and ready for you to dictate your complete message.

  5. Dictate your e-mail.

  6. Proofread your e-mail.

    If you find mistakes, select and correct them as you would in any other dictation process.

  7. After you correct all mistakes, say, “Send Message.”

    Your message is sent. You can now move on to reading or sending other e-mails.