How To Delete Text with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

The simplest way to delete text using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to use the Scratch That command to delete recently dictated text. You can use Scratch That up to ten consecutive times. Another way to delete recently dictated text is the Resume With command.

How to Delete
First Word Second Word Third Word Fourth Word
Delete That
Delete Next, Previous Character, Word, Paragraph
Delete Next, Previous 1 – 20 Characters, Words, Paragraphs
Backspace 1 – 20

To delete text immediately before or after the current location of the cursor, begin with Delete and then give a direction (Next or Previous), a number (1 – 20), and finally a unit (Characters, Words, or Paragraphs). For example:

  • “Delete Next Seven Words”

  • “Delete Previous Three Paragraphs”

If you want to delete only one character, word, or paragraph, you can leave the number out of the sentence, as in the following:

  • “Delete Next Character”

  • “Delete Previous Word”

You can use Back or Last as synonyms for Previous, and you can use Forward as a synonym for Next.

Saying “Backspace” gives the same result as pressing the Backspace key on the keyboard: The character immediately behind the cursor is deleted. To backspace up to 20 characters, say, “Backspace,” followed by a number between 1 and 20. Backspace is a simpler version of the Delete Previous Character command. For example, saying, “Backspace Five” produces the same results as saying, “Delete Previous Five Characters.”