How to Customize the DragonPad Window - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

In case you are wondering, you can change the appearance through the View menu in DragonPad. By “appearance,” this means stuff like toolbars, text wrapping in the window, and units of measure on the ruler (metric, English, or typesetting).

To view all the toolbars in the DragonPad, click View to get a list of available toolbars. Click next to a toolbar in that list to put a check mark beside it to turn on whatever toolbar you check. Click again to clear any check mark. The default is set with all boxes selected.

To control how text wraps (continues onto the next line) on your screen, how your mouse selects text, or what units of measure you use, choose View→Settings. The Settings dialog box springs into action, where you can customize any of the following:

  • Measurement units: NaturallySpeaking normally uses inches for measurement units (used on the ruler and in paragraph formatting). To change measurement units, click the Options tab of the Settings dialog box. You can then choose Inches, Centimeters, Points, or Picas.

  • Selecting words: When you select with your mouse, NaturallySpeaking (like many Windows programs) normally selects entire words when you stretch the selection highlight to more than one word. If, instead, you want to be able to set the end point of your selections in midword, click the Options tab, then click to clear the check box labeled Automatic Word Selection.

  • Text wrapping: To control how text wraps on your screen, click Rich Text. (Click Text, instead, if you intend to save your file as plain text.) Then click either Wrap to Window (to fill your window with text) or Wrap to Ruler (to force lines to break at the right margin on the ruler).

    No Wrap makes your text hard to read. Choose Wrap to Ruler if you intend to print from the NaturallySpeaking window and want to see exactly how your printed lines of text will break while you type.

None of the wrap settings affects how lines of text break when you print, copy, or save a document as a file. The DragonPad always prints according to the page margins you set up. It never puts line breaks in text that is saved as a file or copied to another program’s window. It always leaves the line breaks to that other program, and so avoids any ragged-right margin problems.