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How to Correct Your Transcription in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

When Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcribes your recorded voice, it’s kind of exciting to watch as your words are printed out magically on the screen. The hitch comes when you spot errors. Just like regular dictation, you need to proofread and correct your errors.

To proofread, you should transcribe into the DragonPad or your word processor and use your ability to play back your own voice if you are unsure about what you actually said. (This feature is not available in the Home edition.) Here’s a method you can use:

  1. Begin reading your text. If you spot an error, you can say “Select <text>” and then, “Correct that.”

    The Correction menu pops up just as it does for your regular dictation. Choose the correct number of the correct version or say “Spell that” and correct it that way.

  2. Use Playback when you spot an error by selecting the incorrect passage and right-clicking. Choose Play That Back from the list of options.

    The Dragon NaturallySpeaking screen in Windows.

    You can alternate methods until you have corrected the entire transcription.

Correct Dragon’s mistakes, not yours. If you hear yourself say something incorrect and NaturallySpeaking transcribes it, just go over it and correct it. Dragon didn’t make a mistake, so it doesn’t need to be corrected. (Yes, this is an operator error, not a software error!)

Are you lucky enough to have a staff member or other willing participant who will transcribe your recording for you? Make sure they transfer your User Profile to their PC before they begin. If they don’t have your User Profile on their computer, the audio won’t be recognized properly.

(Of course, your faithful human transcriber also has to own Dragon NaturallySpeaking software in the Premium or higher edition to hear your voice when playing it back.)