How to Click the Mouse with NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Click the Mouse with NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

NaturallySpeaking gives you two methods to move the mouse pointer. MouseGrid breaks up the screen (or the active window) into a series of squares, letting you zero in on the location you want to move the pointer to. The mouse pointer commands let you make small adjustments by saying things like, “Mouse Up 5.”

Naturally, you have to adjust your expectations: Voice commands are not a high-performance way to move the mouse, so you won’t break any speed records the next time you play a game.

You don’t usually move the mouse pointer just so that you can have a little arrow displayed on your screen in an aesthetically pleasing location. You move the mouse pointer so that you can do something, and doing something usually involves clicking one of the mouse buttons.

NaturallySpeaking gives you a full squadron of click commands:

  • Click or Left-Click, which presses the left mouse button

  • Right-Click, which presses the right mouse button

  • Double-Click, which presses the left mouse button twice

If NaturallySpeaking has trouble understanding your Click commands, add the word Mouse to the command: Mouse Click, Mouse Double-Click, and so on. The longer command is easier to recognize.