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How To Choose a USB Microphone for NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

One great way to get better quality audio input for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and bypass all the microphone/sound-card stuff entirely is to get a USB (Universal Serial Bus) microphone. It’s probably the best way to deal with a laptop computer that doesn’t have good audio.

Dragon Systems makes a point of certifying audio (sound) hardware, including microphones and sound cards. Check out Nuance’s website for the list of compatible products. While you are at Nuance’s website, explore the Knowledgebase in the Support section. You can also go to and type in Dragon Naturally Speaking and go to the discussion link to see what other people have said about various manufacturers’ products.

A USB microphone plugs into a USB connector on your PC and delivers digital sound right to the PC. You no longer use the audio input features of your PC’s sound card. Because the USB mic removes all the variables that the regular microphone and sound-card system present, it’s one of the better solutions to audio input problems. Some users have even reported that their words are transcribed faster when they use the USB mic. (Your mileage may differ.)

If you want the very best, a USB solution may not be the answer. Some users report that the NaturallySpeaking USB microphone isn’t as good as the combination of a very good separate microphone and a very good sound card.