How to Change Font Size in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

How to Change Font Size in NaturallySpeaking

To change the size of a font from within NaturallySpeaking, you must know the point size that you want. If, for example, you want to change some text to 18 point, you can select it and say

  • “Set Size 18.”

  • “Format That Size 18.”

In the figure, the “Format That Size 18” command is given.


Not all point sizes exist for all font families. If you request a nonexistent point size, your command is ignored.

If you want to start dictating in a new font size, move the cursor to the place where you want to begin dictating and give a “Set Size” or “Format That Size” command. For example,

  • “Set Size 10.”

  • “Format That Size 24.”

When you begin to dictate, the text appears in the size type that you requested, if that size exists in the current font family.

Who said you can’t choose your family? NaturallySpeaking recognizes most font families. You can use the “Set” or “Format” command to change from one of these font families to another. For example,

  • “Set Font Times.”

  • “Format That Times.”

Both change the current font to Times New Roman on any text that was selected when you issued this command. If you did not select any text, any new text you dictate at the insertion point will be in Times New Roman font.

If you want to use a font whose name NaturallySpeaking doesn’t recognize, you must choose it from the menu, either by voice or using the mouse.