How to Align Paragraphs in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you produce with voice commands many of the same results that formatting buttons and icons produce in other applications. For example, to change the alignment of a paragraph in NaturallySpeaking, move the cursor into the paragraph and use one of the following voice commands:

  • Center That

  • Left-Align That

  • Right-Align That

(If you’re currently dictating a paragraph, you don’t have to move the cursor; it is already in the right paragraph. Just speak the command.)

To change the alignment of up to 20 consecutive paragraphs, follow these steps:

  1. Move the cursor to the beginning of the first paragraph.

  2. Say, “Select Next <number> Paragraphs,” where <number> is the number of paragraphs you want to realign.

    For example, say, “Select Next Two Paragraphs.”

  3. Say, “Center That,” “Left-Align That,” or “Right-Align That.”

    This figure shows what happens when you select two paragraphs and say, “Right-Align That.”


To change the alignment of the entire document, follow these steps:

  1. Say, “Select Document.”

  2. Say, “Center That,” “Left-Align That,” or “Right-Align That.”

You can use the Format command to substitute for any of the alignment commands.

  • Format That Centered gives the same result as Center That.

  • Format That Left Aligned gives the same result as Left-Align That.

  • Format That Right Aligned gives the same result as Right-Align That.