How to Add Words from Somebody Else’s Documents to NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

Normally, you use your own documents to teach NaturallySpeaking about your vocabulary. What can you do, however, for a subject that you have not written much about? Answer: Grab words from documents other people have written.

The web, for example, is full of documents about nearly any subject you can name. The trick is to have NaturallySpeaking pick up on the words, but not the writing style, of this other author (unless you intend to write just like him or her).

To use someone else’s documents, first you must get the documents! NaturallySpeaking can read Microsoft Word or WordPerfect documents if you have Word or WordPerfect installed. It can also read plain text, RTF, and HTML documents.

To get documents from the web, browse to the page you want, and then save the page as an HTML file. In Internet Explorer, for example, choose File→Save As, enter a filename in the dialog box that appears, and click Save.

Use these documents in the Add Words from Documents box as you would any other documents. When you get to the Adapt to Writing Style check box, deselect it so your NaturallySpeaking assistant won’t assume that you write like that other writer.