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How NaturallySpeaking Can Learn from Sent E-Mails

Analyzing e-mails is one way for your NaturallySpeaking assistant to build your vocabulary. This process helps in two ways. It learns from the style of your e-mails and it can automatically add e-mail addresses you currently use. It works with Microsoft Outlook,, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo!, and Windows Live Mail.

From the Accuracy Center, click Learn from Sent E-mails or go to Vocabulary→Learn from Sent E-mails from the DragonBar. The Learn from Sent E-Mails Wizard appears.


Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Click Next.

    Choose from the options presented by selecting the check boxes.

  2. Click Next again.

    The e-mails are analyzed.

  3. Click Next one more time.

    Any new words will be displayed for you to train.

  4. Click Finish.