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Getting Incorrect Results with NaturallySpeaking?

By Stephanie Diamond

If NaturallySpeaking just doesn’t get it right when you dictate, you’re having what’s called recognition errors or accuracy problems. Now, don’t you feel better, having an official diagnosis of your problem?

No? So many different things can affect accuracy. If looking them up one by one sounds too wearisome, try the following first-aid:

  • Make sure you actually speak each word fully and speak entire phrases. Don’t pause between words, and don’t skip them, clip them at the end, or slur them to other words.

  • Make sure your microphone is positioned to the side of your mouth, about one-half inch away.

  • Run the Audio Setup wizard again: Choose Audio→Check Microphone.

  • Choose Tools→Options, and in the Options dialog box that appears, click the Miscellaneous tab. Drag the Speed vs. Accuracy slider more to the right. Click the OK button.

If your problem is that NaturallySpeaking repeatedly gets certain words wrong, make sure you use the Correction dialog box so that NaturallySpeaking learns about its errors. (Say, “Correct That” after NaturallySpeaking errs.) If you just select the erroneous text and dictate over it, NaturallySpeaking will never learn.