Expand the Use of Speech Recognition - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

Voice recognition such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking is used in places like cars, hospitals, and legal offices. Yet, some people are still skeptical about software that enables you to dictate to your computer and get a transcription of what you said. People think it’s very cool, but they secretly wonder if it really works.

Speech recognition software is entrenched in many private sector industries. Dragon NaturallySpeaking serves several industries, including the following:

  • Financial: NaturallySpeaking helps financial people manage their paperwork and meet compliance requirements.

  • Legal/Medical: Transcription and documentation play a major role in keeping things moving in the legal and medical fields. NaturallySpeaking significantly cuts the time needed to produce various documents.

  • Insurance: This one is self-explanatory. Anything that cuts down on paperwork in the insurance industry is clearly a public service.

The public sector uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking as follows:

  • Education: It is well documented that NaturallySpeaking can help level the playing field for students who face learning challenges. Teachers are able to provide better learning experiences to all their students.

  • Accessibility: NaturallySpeaking makes a major contribution to people who are challenged by the use of a keyboard or mouse. The software provides access to the Web and opens up the world to people who might otherwise be denied digital access.

  • Public Safety: Dragon’s capability to save time on paperwork frees up law enforcement professionals to do the work that keeps us safe.