Enter Numbers and Dates in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

Enter Numbers and Dates in NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

When people speak about numbers and dates, they use many different forms. Remarkably, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can figure it out. You can say, “eight o’clock AM” and Dragon NaturallySpeaking types 8:00 AM. Or you can say, “forty-five dollars” and NaturallySpeaking types $45.

Most of the time, NaturallySpeaking types numbers and dates just the way you want it to, without doing anything special. The most common correction that you’ll have to do is tell NaturallySpeaking to use numerals rather than words for digits zero through nine. To do so, say, “numeral” before speaking the digit. The table lists some of the ways you can say numbers and dates.

If a number, date, or time doesn’t come out in the form that you want, you may be able to choose the form you want by saying, “Correct That,” and then choosing from the list in the Correct That dialog box. For instance, when speaking the words “seven o’clock,” NaturallySpeaking initially typed seven o’clock.

But, by saying, “Correct That” and choosing 7:00 from the pop-up window choices displayed as shown in the figure, NaturallySpeaking learned that I wanted the numerical form.

Correcting a number on DragonPad using voice commands.

Numbers and Dates
To Get Say
.5 Point (or Period or Dot) five
0.45 Zero point four five or oh point four five
One One
1 Numeral one
42 Forty two or four two
192 One ninety two, one nine two, or one hundred (and)
4627 Four thousand six hundred (and) twenty seven, forty-six hundred
twenty-seven, or four six two seven
4,627 Four comma six hundred (and) twenty seven or four comma six two
$152.07 One hundred fifty-two dollars and seven cents or dollar sign
one five two point zero seven
Aug. 28, 1945 August twenty-eight comma nineteen forty-five
May 11, 2010 May eleven comma two thousand (and) ten
2:12 p.m. Two twelve pee em
7:00 Seven o’clock ay em
V Roman five
XLV Roman forty roman five
842-8996 Eight four two hyphen eight nine nine six