Dictate Wirelessly with the Dragon Remote Microphone Application - dummies

Dictate Wirelessly with the Dragon Remote Microphone Application

By Stephanie Diamond

Mobile devices have really spoiled users. So, how about using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 4, or Android device as a wireless microphone? The idea that you might not be able to roam around wirelessly dictating your e-mails suddenly seems so “last century.” After the thrill of dictating to your PC wears off, you go searching for the next big thrill.

Using NaturallySpeaking version 12, you can download an app called the Dragon Remote Microphone Application. It turns your smartphone into a microphone. After you install it, you can dictate wirelessly from your smartphone to your computer using any Wi-Fi or home network connection. And guess what: It’s free!

The application works really well right off the bat, regardless of which type of device you’re using.

  • Apple device: To use it on an Apple device, you need to have iOS 4.2 or higher on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch 4.

    Use Bonjour (an Apple app that helps computers find each other if they both are running Bonjour) to connect your smartphone with your computer so it recognizes both halves of the wireless connection.

    You can download the app or get it from iTunes. If you have iTunes on your PC, consider loading the application from there because it’s so easy.

    If you don’t want to use iTunes to set up this app, you can use the iPhone Configuration Utility.

  • Android device: You can download the app on an Android device, or install the app from Google Play.

Regardless which device platform you’re using, create a new User Profile specifically for the Remote Microphone Application. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to connect your remote mic with your PC.

Once you install the app, launch it from the icon on your device. You’ll see a large Dragon icon button in the center of a speakerlike screen. To ensure that the remote mic is the source you are using, make sure that above the mic icon you see the words, “remote mic.” To operate remotely, with NaturallySpeaking running on your PC, try the following:

  • Tap the Dragon icon. Notice that when you first tap it, the color around the icon changes from red to green. This means that your microphone is on — both on your PC and on your mobile device.

  • Tap the Dragon icon again when it’s on. The color returns to red. That means you’ve turned the microphone off.

What you don’t see happening when you work remotely is that NaturallySpeaking is taking dictation into the app you specify on your PC.

For example, you can say, Open Word, and the Microsoft Word application on your PC opens and is ready for dictation. If you want to dictate into the DragonPad, you can do that just as you would if you were dictating from headphones. Make sure to save and close your application. The material you dictate will be on your PC when you return to it.

When you work remotely, you can’t see the dictation on your PC screen. For this reason, you should plan to proofread and correct your dictation when you are looking at it. Do all the same things you would normally do to make corrections on your PC.