Correct What You Say Online with Dragon Dictation

By Stephanie Diamond

The correction process with Dragon Dictation is a bit different when you dictate with your mobile device versus working with NaturallySpeaking on your PC. On your PC, you have the luxury of correcting on a good size screen where you can employ several ways to make corrections. You can select copy from a list of options, spell it, or type it.

You can do that with the small screen (not the spelling function), but the experience is different because of the touch screen.

If you have NaturallySpeaking on your PC, you will quickly become familiar with all the different ways to command your assistant. It becomes second nature, so that when you add a mobile device, you’re more than halfway there. You’ll instinctively know what to do.

On the flip side, if your first introduction to NaturallySpeaking is on a mobile device, you don’t have the benefit of already knowing how things work in the PC version. You’re starting from scratch. Given the high quality of the mobile apps, it’s still easy to get things up and running. Form a frame of reference for how dictation corrections work. Following are four ways to make corrections that are specific to the Apple mobile devices:

  • Correcting/deleting a word: To correct a specific word, tap on it. You are presented with possible options. If the correct spelling of the word is there, you can quickly select it by tapping on it. If the word has no options, a delete option appears. If you want, you can choose that.

  • Correcting/deleting a phrase: If you want to correct a phrase, instead of tapping one word, drag your finger to select the phrase. It will be highlighted. Then you can select from the list or delete the phrase.

  • Voice correcting a word/phrase: Do as indicated above to select the word or phrase, and then tap the red icon at the top of the screen to record a different word or phrase. That recording replaces the one you highlighted.

  • Typing over a word/phrase: Do as indicated above to select the word or phrase, and then tap the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen. Type in your correction.