Control Your Microphone in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

Control Your Microphone in NaturallySpeaking

By Stephanie Diamond

Some people switch the microphone off and on to avoid inserting the garbage text that comes from coughing, sneezing, or answering the phone. Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives you several ways to control the microphone:

  • Press the + key on the numeric keypad to switch the microphone between “on” and “off.”

  • Click the microphone icon that appears either on the DragonBar or in the system tray of your Windows taskbar.

  • Say, “Go to Sleep” or “Stop Listening” to disable the microphone. The microphone icon lies down and a string of z’s appears next to the microphone icon.

    To wake up the microphone again, say, “Wake Up” or “Listen To Me.” (Or click the sleeping microphone icon twice, or press the + key on the numeric keypad twice.) This sleeping and waking stuff is not the same as “off” and “on.” What’s the difference? When the microphone is asleep, it’s still listening for the command, “Wake Up.” If you turn the microphone off, it isn’t listening at all.

You can change the microphone hotkey (normally the + key on the numeric keypad) by choosing Tools→Options and clicking the Hotkeys tab in the Options dialog box that appears. Then click the Microphone On/Off button in the dialog box; a tiny Set Hot Key dialog box appears. Now press the key or key combination you would prefer for the hotkey, and then click OK.